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Thu, 2012-10-25
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An Altar Tribute Honoring and Celebrating Women

This past weekend, LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes launched its Day of the Dead celebrations with a special altar tribute to women. This event spearheaded by community activist, Sandra Romero, brought together female community activists, artists, and leaders. Together, each participant designed a nicho (shadowbox) in reverence to inspirational women in their own lives. Participants included labor rights activist Dolores Huerta, LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina, civil rights activist Antonia Hernandez, Telemundo news anchor Dunia Elvir, and many others.

To recap the significance of this event, LA Plaza’s very own volunteer, Deisy Pérez, shares her event highlights and insight.

When I think of a tribute to women, I think of strength, talent, and accomplishments. Taking the unique approach of honoring women through a public altar helps us remember who we are and where we come from.

One of the biggest highlights of the day was being reacquainted with Dolores Huerta. I had previously met Huerta at South Texas College where I coordinated leadership programs and activities for student life. At the time, her message resonated with me, as well as her accomplishments. Seeing her again this weekend, reminded me of the type of role model I’d like to be for our future generations.

All of the community leaders participating in the event, aside from being role models, are inspirational, fearless, and passionate women. As they shared their personal stories in an intimate conversation, I was struck by the common factors in their lives. Each participant spoke about the women who came before them; who inspired them to be strong in the face of adversity. When I think of women in my own life, a personal role model and a source of inspiration for me is my grandmother. I have lots of stories I can share about her and lots of great advice she’s imparted onto me.

The stories shared by these powerful and accomplished Latina women remind me that our indigenous ancestors paved the way to the proud and valiant culture we are part of today. Let’s keep sharing these stories with future generations to come. ¡Adelante mis mujeres!

Make sure to join LA Plaza as the celebration continues for Día de los Muertos. Together, let’s celebrate life, roots, and our ancestors!

-Deisy S. Pérez

Deisy Pérez has been a volunteer at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes since it opened to the public. Over the last year and a half, while balancing her hobbies of Salsa and Bachata dancing, acting, and sports, she has contributed her time to assist LA Plaza during family programs, special events, and various other projects. Interested in helping LA Plaza with upcoming events? Join our volunteer team today!