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Historic Cemetery Update

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May 24, 2013

The County of Los Angeles (County) is providing this status update on the remaining tasks for the historic cemetery area of the LA Plaza property.


The County and Foundation have completed 95% of the installation of a respectful memorial garden, designed through consultation with parties engaged in consultation for placement at the site of the historic cemetary, enclosed by a permanent fence, and including appropriate signage. Attached for your convenience are photos. As previously stated, the County and Foundation engaged both archeological and Native American monitors during the installation of the permanent fence and memorial garden at the historic cemetary area. I understand that members of Los Pobladores visitedthe site during the installation as well. The final installation portion will be the permanent lighting for the respectful memorial garden and will be monitored by archeologists, Native Americans, and Los Pobladores.


The County and Foundation would like to continue the communications with Native Americans, Los Pobladores, and representatives of the Catholic Archdiocese of  Los Angeles, to schedule dates and times for appropriate ceremonies at the site.


All future site improvements on the walkway and City owned-sidewalk immediately adjacent to the historic cemetary site, including the proposed above ground planting of the two boxed Mexican Coral Trees, will be reviewed with the consulting parties and will have both Native American and Los Pobladores monitors during the entire period of proposed improvements. 


The County and Foundation are committed to fulfilling the remaining tasks for the historic cemetery area of the LA Plaza property. These tasks include:


1. an archaeological summary report that documents the methods and results pertaining to the discovery at the historic cemetery ;

2. a summary report documenting the delineation of a “no-dig zone” to protect the historic cemetery area;

3. a plan to ensure long-term protection of the historic cemetery area of the site.


In addition, the County and Foundation will be providing a clear explanation of the rules by which the historic cemetery and other resources on the campus will be managed, a suggested framework for complying with those rules, including requirements for archaeological and Native American monitors for any future construction, and for maintaining appropriate confidentiality of documentation.


As previously communicated, the security and maintenance of the memorial garden will be performed by the LA Plaza Foundation on a 24 hour/7 days a week basis. It is the intention of the County and Foundation that procedures be written, with the involvement of the parties engaged in consultation, to address: visitation arrangements (parties who can visit, hours, blackout dates): operational procedures (security, monitoring, access); and prohibited activities. The county and Foundation are committed that the historic cemetery area be maintained as a permanent and respectful memorial garden.


The County has not received any written comments on the previously provided Site Context for the LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes Project Report. The Site Context Report is available at for review. The summary reports listed above have not been completed; however, the site context presented in the Site Context Report forms an important component of each report, providing historical background to the recent research. As discussed at the last consultation meeting, the County intends to use existing mechanisms for accessing confidential summary reports through the local California Historical Resources Information System Center. This access will be further discussed at future consultation meetings.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the above information at the LA Plaza property, please contact me, Dawn McDivitt, at (213) 974-2620 or at


Thank you  

Dawn McDivitt Manager,

Capital Projects Chief Executive Office,

County of Los Angeles