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Photographer: Francisco Camplis. Galeria de la Raza Archives (CEMA 4)

¡Raza Si, Guerra No!

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Lights, Camera, Acción:

Local Students Document LA Today

Tue, 2011-02-22
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As LA Plaza gears up for opening, we’ve invited local LAUSD middle schools to contribute to our LA Starts Here! exhibition through a photography project entitled “LA Today.

The concluding portion of LA Starts Here! will reveal the emergence of the Latina/o identity in modern Los Angeles. Differing from the others sections of the exhibition, in which adults share their perspectives on the past and the present, here children from around LA share their perspectives on the present and the future.

Do they consider themselves Latino/a? What does Latina/o mean to them? Where is Latino/a Los Angeles now… and where will it be in the future? What will we call ourselves then? Does it matter?

To answer these questions, we’ve partnered with several local schools (including Hollenbeck Middle School and Southeast Middle School). Together, we send students out with cameras to document “LA Today,” with the simple prompt of “What is Latino Los Angeles?” Over the past few weeks, school groups have explored different city neighborhoods – including their own – with their cameras. We’ve just started to receive the photos, and they’re looking great!

LA Plaza’s film crew tagged along to document the project and capture the students’ creative process. The resulting photos and video will be exhibited at the conclusion of LA Starts Here! when LA Plaza opens in April.

By showing us their city, and sharing their vision for the future, these children will conclude LA Starts Here! on an inspiring note, providing visitors of all backgrounds with an enriched perspective on history’s impact… and how we ourselves are creating a new history today.