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School Tours and Workshops

School tours, presented by specially trained engagement guides, are offered between 10:00 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Tours last approximately two hours. School tours and related workshops are free for all LAUSD and Title 1 Schools.


Calle Principal: Main Street Los Angeles, 1920s (K-3)

What would you bring if you had to move to a new place? How do you shape the place where you live? Is there a Main Street in your neighborhood?


Through inquiry-based activities that prompt critical thinking, students are encouraged to explore the presence of Mexican and Mexican Americans in Los Angeles during the 1920s and their current influence. Seven vignettes and four interactive stations serve as entryways to an exploration revealing the forces that shaped ideas about ethnicity, identity, and community in Los Angeles.

Workshop Component—Building Blocks: Identifying Buildings within Your Community
LA Starts Here! (4-12)

Do you identify yourself by the place where you are from? Does your ethnic identity influence your political beliefs?


Students are encouraged to examine the evolving cultural and national identities in Los Angeles. Iconic artifacts, one-of-a-kind interactive experiences, and captivating short films reveal the rich and often unknown history of the city as a multicultural project from its very beginnings.

Workshop Component—Printmaking: Symbols and Personal Icons
The Edible Teaching Garden (K-12)
The Edible Teaching Garden exemplifies LA Plaza’s commitment to celebrate the contributions of Mexican and Mexican American culture by creating sustainable urban agriculture. This teaching garden offers active and engaging connections to the humanities and sciences through an exploration of the garden life cycle.
Culinary Arts Program (K-12)
The Culinary Arts Program actively serves the public by promoting the appreciation of Mexican and Mexican American cuisine through educational demonstrations and hands-on cooking experiences. Students learn about the contributions that Mexican and Mexican American foods have made to world cuisine. A vital component of the Culinary Arts program is a commitment to increasing an awareness of nutrition and its role in promoting healthy living.
To Schedule a School Tour

Please contact the Education department three weeks in advance. For more information, contact the Tour Scheduler, call 213 542-6242 or between 9am-5pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


  • Click here to fill out a School Tour Reservation Form.

  • The minimum for group tours is 8 students; maximum 70 students. One adult chaperone is required for every 8 students.

  • LA Plaza is now offering transportation reimbursements for the Edible Teaching Garden and Culinary Arts Program on a first-come, first-serve basis for qualifying groups. To apply, please click here.

  • The Education Department will contact you to finalize details. Your tour is not reserved until you receive a written confirmation by mail or e-mail.