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LA Starts Here!

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 After a yearlong renovation, LA Plaza’s ongoing bilingual exhibition, LA Starts Here!, is open!

LA Starts Here!,examines Mexican and Mexican American history and identity in Los Angeles. Personal histories, iconic artifacts, and captivating films reveal the region’s rich and often unknown Mexican and Mexican American contributions. Learn about our city’s origins from the Tongva presence to Spanish colonization, through the Chicano movement and beyond.
The Mexican roots of Los Angeles are undeniable and essential to understanding LA culture—and they are largely overlooked. This history is not waiting to be discovered, it has always been here and is embedded in the fabric of our city. 
Visitors of all backgrounds are encouraged to think critically about the shaping of cultural and national identity in an increasingly diverse world. History goes beyond what you find in textbooks and the way history is told is always changing. We all can affect this change and LA Plaza invites you to engage with the Mexican American history of Los Angeles, reflect on your connection to this history, and imagine how you might tell the story.