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LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes is pleased to continue our tradition of presenting the best of Los Angeles Latinx history, art and culture with En Casa con LA Plaza. Register on Zoom using the links below. Guests can also view live-streamed Sessions on our Facebook page. Sponsored by PepsiCo  and Kaiser Permanente.

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Garibaldi Pan Dulce with Eliceo Lara, Baker Extraordinaire 
Monday, April 12 | 3pm PDT 
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Born and raised in Mexico City, for the last five years Eliceo Lara has been teaching how to make Mexican bread and pastries to locals and travelers. His specialty is pan dulce. In this session, he’ll demonstrate how to make Garibaldis, a buttery upside-down cupcake coated with jam and sprinkles. ¡Delicioso!

Mexican American History Maker: Bel Hernandez, Latin Heat Media with Katia Miramontes, The Agency
Tuesday, April 13 | 7pm PDT
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Join us on for a night of Pride, Unity, and Education on Zoom on April 13th at 7pm for the chance to learn from our Mexican-American History Maker, Founder/CEO of Latin Heat Media, Bel Hernandez. We will also hear a Pearl of Wisdom from Real Estate Agent, Katia Miramontes. Her segment is titled: “Why You Should Own Your Home & How.”

Dan Guerrero Happy Hour with guests Evelina Fernandez and Jose Luis Valenzuela
Friday, April 16 | 7pm PDT
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A twist on the next Happy Hour of live streamed conversations. A twofer. Jose Luis Valenzuela and Evelina Fernandez join wit master Dan Guerrero for theater talk and much more. He: renown director, emeritus professor at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, and Artistic Director and co-founder of the Latino Theatre Company. She: acclaimed playwright, actress, and founding member of the Latino Theatre Company. Together: the Chicano Power Couple operate the Los Angeles Theatre Center. They’ll all explore the state of Latino theatre in the U.S. and beyond.

Esquite in a Cup and on the Cob with Chef Ricardo Pablo Vega, Moderno Cocina 
Monday, April 19 | 3pm 
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One of LA Plaza’s favorite taqueros is back! Chef Ricardo Pablo Vega will be demonstrating his unique esquite in a cup and on the cob, with tuétano and his poblano mayo.

Building Better Robots with Dr. Verónica Ahumada, UC Davis 
Wednesday, April 21 | 7pm PDT
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What if robots could provide quarantined Californians a safe way to connect outside their homes, not only for healthcare visits but to also enjoy cultural activities? Dr. Véronica Ahumada, Assistant Professor of Health Informatics & Human-Robot Interaction at University of California, Davis, will share her story of growing up in San Gabriel, her work in healthcare that led to research in telepresence robots, and how she supports Latinos in graduate STEM programs via a university-wide annual event she founded.

Lupita Infante: Honoring a Family Legacy | Hosted by Betto Arcos, Music Journalist
Friday, April 23 | 7pm PDT 
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Lupita Infante, a first-generation Mexican American, is a singer-songwriter with a deep love and respect for Mexican music. The granddaughter of Pedro Infante, an icon of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, and daughter of Pedro Infante Jr., the GRAMMY-nominee has emerged as an artist with her own identity. She joins music journalist Betto Arcos in an illuminating conversation.

Beef Albondigas with Chef Ivan Vasquez, Madre! 
Monday, April 26 | 3pm PDT
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Madre! is a modern Oaxacan restaurant in Torrance with a collection of mezcal behind the bar. Chef Ivan Vasquez shares his recipe for beef albondigas and albondigas tomato sauce.

Frida Kahlo: Crossing Borderlines with Dr. Gloria Arjona, Educator and Arts Activist 
Wednesday, April 28 | 7pm PDT
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Born to a German-Hungarian father and a Mexican mother with a strong Indigenous heritage, Frida Kahlo was a proud Mestiza who easily moved from her father’s European culture to that of her native Mexico. Fluent in German and English, Frida could transition with ease between these languages and Spanish to adapt to different situations and scenarios. Frida was also openly bisexual, and despite being a person with physical limitations, lived a plentiful life, creating her own fashion style and merging popular poetry, sayings, and corridos in her visual work. In this multimedia lecture, educator and arts advocate Dr. Gloria Arjona highlights the multiple instances in which Frida Kahlo “crossed the line” by mixing languages, genres, disciplines, and her own life and art.

Taco Campesino with Emiliano Marantes, Elémi 
Monday, May 3 | 3pm PDT
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Born and raised in El Paso Texas, Emiliano Marantes worked in a tortilleria in his hometown, with the dream of opening his own. Years later, after living in San Antonio and working as an Executive Chef, he and his wife Kristal opened up their small independent restaurant, ELEMI in 2019 rooted making tortillas the traditional way by cooking landrace maíz from Mexico and grinding it into masa using volcanic stones.

Mole de Almendras | En Español con Celia Florian, Cocinera Oaxaqueña 
17 de Mayo | 7pm PDT
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Celia Florián es una cocinera tradicional que aprendió de su abuela las mejores los mejores consejos de cocina. Ella pertenece al Conservatorio de la Cultura Gastronómica Mexicana y ha promocionado la cocina oaxaqueña y mexicana a nivel internacional. Ella demostrará cómo cocinar mole de almendras.


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