En Familia con LA Plaza

Let’s get creative, have fun, and spend time en familia (with family)!

LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes is excited to continue celebrating our annual Family Days, now on a virtual platform!

En Familia con LA Plaza, an interactive family virtual series, will explore different themes each month through hands-on art, literacy, gardening, and culinary art workshops.

These pre-recorded sessions are available on our YouTube page.

Check out the schedule below, bookmark the dates on your calendar, and follow the links below. Scroll down to view past sessions.


Culinary Arts: Poinsettia Flower Pencil | Saturday, December 19 | 10:30am
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Did you know that plants can be used to create color? Learn about the process of using plant matter as a natural dye! Recreate a flower out of vibrantly colored corn husks dyed using the petals of the flor de nochebuena, also known as Poinsettia.
Download Activity Procedure: 
English: Poinsettia Flower Pencil
Spanish: Lápiz de flor de Nochebuena


Culinary Arts: Pozole | Saturday, December 12 | 10:30am
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What is your family’s favorite holiday dish? Gather your loved ones and join us in learning how to make pozole as an end-of-the-year celebratatory dinner!
Download Activity Procedure: 
English: Vegetarian Pozole
Spanish: Pozole Vegetariano


Edible Teaching Garden: Composting: Feeding the Soil | Saturday, November 28 | 10:30am
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What are ways you can give back to the soil? Join us in learning about the fight for land and freedom during the Mexican Revolution. Familiarize yourself with a sustainable practice known as composting to exercise resourcefulness in reducing your food waste and creating soil filled with nutrients for your garden.
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Composting
Spanish: Compostaje


Culinary Arts: Guisado | Saturday, November 21 | 10:30am
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Get your ingredients ready! Make a guisado or braised strew and learn about the resourcefulness women soldiers, known as Adelitas, practiced during the Mexican Revolution.
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Guisado
Spanish: Guisado

Leyendo Con LA Plaza: Nicho Making | Saturday, October 31 | 10:30am

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¡A leer y decorar! Join us as we read together the book Rosita y Conchita by Eric Gonzalez and Erich Haeger. Altars for Día de los Muertos have evolved over many years! Learn about the history of this celebration by joining us in creating your very own decorative nicho using vibrant items from around your home!
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Nicho
Spanish: Nicho

Edible Teaching Garden: Memory Satchels | Saturday, October 24 | 10:30am

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¡Vengan los muertos a celebrar! The scent of flowers and other plant materials help guide loved ones who have passed back to celebrate with us on Day of the Dead. Learn how to make and dedicate a memory satchel filled with aromatic plant materials for a loved one or antepasado.
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Memory Satchels
Spanish: Bolsitas de Recuerdos

Culinary Arts: Calabazas en Tacha | Saturday, October 17 | 10:30am

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¡Los muertos vienen a comer! Food and traditional dishes play a central role in traditional altars during Día de los Muertos. Learn how to make calabazas en tacha, candied pumpkin, a seasonal and traditional plate that can be placed on your altar.
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Calabaza en Tacha
Spanish: Calabaza en Tacha

Edible Teaching Garden: Herbal Teas | Saturday, October 10 | 10:30am

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¡A relajarse! Learn about the origins of medicinal healing by creating your own herbal tea bags. This activity will explore ancient plant medicine practices to teach you how to reduce stress during a time of back to school learning.
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Herbal Teas
Spanish: Tés de Hierbas

Culinary Arts: Healthy Taquito Wrap | Saturday, October 3 | 10:30am 

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¡Es tiempo de comer! Learn how to create a healthy taquito wrap as a back to school snack. Join us in learning the importance of healthy eating and the history of the ingredients used in this recipe.
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Healthy Taquito Wrap
Spanish: Taquito Vegetariano

Edible Teaching Garden: Pico de Gallo Ingredients & Container Gardening |
Saturday, September 26 | 10:30am  
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Have you ever wanted to start your own garden but thought you didn’t have enough space? Join us in discussing alternatives to outdoor gardening and learn how to grow ingredients for our tricolor Pico de Gallo recipe indoors.
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Container Gardening
Spanish: Jardín en Contenedores

Culinary Arts: Pico de Gallo |
Saturday, September 19 | 10:30am
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Time to use your five senses! Celebrate Fiestas Patrias with us by creating a tricolor Pico de Gallo to represent the colors of the Mexican flag.
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Pico de Gallo
Spanish: Pico de Gallo

Leyendo con LA Plaza: Muñeca Mazahua |
Saturday, September 16 | 3:00pm
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¡A bailar! Celebrate Mexico’s Independence and its traditions by learning the origins of the beloved Muñeca Mazahua. Create your own doll to honor your roots!
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Muñeca Mazahua 
Spanish: Muñeca Mazahua

Leyendo con LA Plaza: Nopal Family Tree |
Saturday, September 5 | 10:30am
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Come along and read with us! Join special guest author, René Colato Laínez, as he reads his book René Has Two Last Names/René tiene dos apellidos. Following this read along we will explore the meaning of familia through a nopal family tree art activity.
Download Activity Procedure:
English: Nopal Family Tree
Spanish: Arbol Geneaológico de Nopal


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