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Día de los Muertos Family Day | Free

Shake your bones! Join us in a celebration of life and death. Explore the historical and cultural significance of Day of the Dead traditions. Enjoy live music and dance and art workshops. Food and drinks available for sale.

Sponsored by AARP and Wells Fargo

Giveaway for K-12 grade students:
Prepare for Día de los Muertos with a special giveaway packet that includes all the materials needed to make a nicho, a commemorative shadowbox, to adorn an altar at home and remember a special loved one who has passed. This special giveaway also includes a copy of Celebrando el Día de Muertos: Celebrating the Day of the Dead, a trilingual counting book by Little Dreamers Publishing.
Meet the team of Little Dreamers Publishing LLC, author Nadia Merino Hernandez, and participate in a special Storytime with the author.
About Celebrando el Día de Muertos: Celebrating the Day of the Dead:

Celebrando el Día de Muertos: Celebrating the Day of the Dead is a tribute to this rich Mexican tradition, filled with stories, art, and insights that capture the essence of the Day of the Dead. Let’s embrace this season of remembrance and celebration, cherishing the connections that transcend life and death. This book is a beautiful journey of love, remembrance, and cultural richness. This vibrant celebration is a time to remember and celebrate our loved ones who have passed away. Through colorful ofrendas, marigold petals, sugar skulls, and heartfelt traditions, we come together to honor their memory. Discover the joy of a unique holiday while exploring numbers in three languages: Spanish, English, and Mixteco.


Cempasúchil Satchels
Stop and smell the cempasúchil! The vibrant color and strong aroma of the marigold flower helps guide loved ones who have passed back to celebrate with us on Day of the Dead. Learn about this traditional flower and is importance in Day of the Dead celebrations. Make an aromatic satchel of dried cempasúchil petals and dedicate it to a loved one or antepasado. This workshop is facilitated by Urban Gardener and Cocinera, Marlene Aguilar.

Tapete de Arena: Sand Art
In Oaxaca as part of Day of the Dead celebrations, intricate sand art masterpieces are crafted to honor ancestors. Made of brightly colored sand that is sculpted to form images and designs, tapetes de arena, which translates to sand rugs, are made in front of altars to welcome the spirits of loved ones. Learn about this Oaxacan tradition and make your own mini tapete to adorn an altar.

El Xoloitzcuintli: Clay Figure
Did you know the Xoloitzcuintli is believed to be the guide to the underworld? In Colima, Mexico, sculptures of this pet companion can be found in tombs. Learn more about the Xoloitzcuintli in Mesoamerica and how it was a symbol of protection and companionship in the afterlife. Learn how to make your own clay sculpture inspired by ancient clay figures.

Ofrenda Printmaking
An ofrenda is an offering that is placed on altars during Day of the Dead. Ofrendas can include flowers, candles, water, and food. Each offering is uniquely special, placed on an altar just for a special loved one. Make an ofenda print using screen printing and stencils. Adorn an altar with your print to remember a loved one who has passed. This workshop is facilitated by Master Printer, Dewey Tafoya.

Banda Lico Music Academy, Grupo Folklorico Huaxyacac, Grupo Folklorico Princesa Donaji and Comunidad de Quialana.

Community Booths:
CWS Orange County: focuses on promoting the safety and well-being of unaccompanied migrant children as they are released from federal custody and into the care of a sponsor in the US. We ensure children receive the care and support they need to adjust to life in the US and their new communities.

Ryman Arts: transforms lives by creating access and opportunity for a diverse community of young artists through rigorous education in fundamental art skills and mentoring. Ryman Arts provides classes at California State University, Fullerton and Otis College of Art and Design on the weekends. Students participate in discussions with visiting artists, field trips, and college planning and career guidance workshops. Each accepted student receives a full scholarship that covers the cost of instruction, art supplies, field trips, and public transportation.

Food Vendors:
Sabor Oaxacaquenos
Panaderia Tlacolula

Artesania vendors:
Artesanos Torres #1
Artesanos Torres #2
Artesania Huaxycac
October 29, 2023 |  12:00 pm *