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Hecho con Amor: Plant-Based Tostadas | $60

Ages 18+ ONLY
Mask-Wearing: Optional

ostadas are flavorful and an effortless way to prepare food with family and for large groups. The cooking class will provide you with the foundation of vegan salads and guisados perfect for the summer tostadas.

Dishes will include the following:

  • Vegan Ceviche
  • Carrot Tinga
  • Chickpea Tuna
  • Vegan Aguachile

Guest Speaker: Marlene Aguilar of IREKUARHIKUA

Sponsored by AARP

AARP members receive a $5 discount.
Use the following promo code when registering: Funfifty23Cocina
August 19, 2023 |  10:00 am *
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