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Hecho con Amor: Tamales with Amiga Amore (Mexican-Italian Cuisine) | $65

Ages 18+ ONLY!

Amiga Amore is a restaurant in Highland Park was built from this love and is a fusion of their identities. Chef Danielle brings the flavors of her Mexican heritage and and combines it with her husband’s Italian family’s cooking techniques.

This cuisine is a beautiful marriage that transcends the physical boundaries of their two heritages. Cleverly called “Mexitalian,” (Mexican-Italian), Amiga Amore’s cuisine is plate-popping with taste, colors, and love.

Chef Danielle will share her love of Mexitalian Cuisine.

Hecho con Amor: Tamales with Amiga Amore is sponsored in part by

September 12, 2024 |  7:00 pm *
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