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Indigenous Veganism: Mesoamerican Foodways | $110

Ages 18+ ONLY!  

In this two-part series, students will experience a better understanding of Mesoamerican foods and diet.  

Please note that this class is held on two dates: January 27th and February 3rd, 2024.  

Part 1 (January 27th, 2024): Platica y Prueba: Indigenous Veganism Series, Part 1: Remembering Mesoamerican Foodways, Food Principles and Seasonal Diets 

This Platica provides a brief historical account of Mesoamerican Foodways, the dietary changes resulting in colonial encounters, and the Indigenous erasure and appropriation of those foodways while providing a decolonial and Indigenous ecofeminist critique towards remembering the value and importance of eating a local, ecological, sustainable organic and native based diet.  

Part 2 (February 3, 2024): Indigenous Veganism Series, Part 2: Indigenizing Your Veganism with Mesoamerican Foods 

This cooking class will provide quick, simple and effective ways to integrate indigenous plant-based foods into the making of cultural heritage and nutrient-dense comiditas (foods) for those on the go! We will make pecan cream, corn milk chia pudding, cream of quinoa, and Indigenous protien powders.  

Instructor: Claudia Serrato, PhD, Indigenous Culinary Anthropologist, Professor, Chef, and Co-Founder, Across Our Kitchen Tables

January 27, 2024 |  10:00 am *
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