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LA Plaza Tienda: From Bricks & Mortar to Online Store

Join us on Zoom and Facebook Live as the staff of LA Plaza’s museum gift store, LA Plaza Tienda, present an insightful behind-the-scenes view of their online operation. Advanced by the museum’s March 2020 temporary closing due to the pandemic, LA Tienda launched an online platform at, offering an ever-expanding inventory of books, clothing, jewelry, art and more for curbside pickup and direct shipping.


Stacy Salguero, Manager of Retail Operations & Visitor Services

Karla Partida-Ortega, Visitor Services Associate
Cecilia Rodriguez, Visitor Services Associate

Fabiana Velo, Visitor Services Associate

Metzli Villegas, Visitor Services Associate

Alondra Virrey, Visitor Services Associate / Visitor Engagement Coordinator

January 13, 2021 |  7:00 pm
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