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Margaret Garcia: An Intimate Portrait

The documentary, Margaret Garcia: An Intimate Portrait, takes you on a journey into the private life of a trailblazing American painter and one of Southern California’s most authentic voices. Over a long-spanning career, visionary artist Margaret Garcia has transcended the Chicano art movement with her fearless fauvist approach to painting an intriguing variety of subjects while capturing raw human experiences. We get an intimate look beyond the public persona of Margaret Garcia to discover what ignited a flame of color and movement in her at an early age and how she has inspired and championed countless generations of artists over the years. We get to know her as a homemaker, loving wife, loyal friend, supporter for the advancement of women in the arts and fierce advocate for fostering young talent. We visit with this master-painter of fire and water at her Echo Park home and in her garden sanctuary as she recharges her passion for life and painting. We look over the shoulder of this colorist in action as she creates mesmerizing and thought-provoking visions on canvas. Whether painting emotional portraits or radiant landscapes, Margaret Garcia shares with viewers her intimate perspective on life, love and nature.
Guest Speakers, Film maker, Ruben A. Zavala and artist Margaret Garcia.
May 20, 2023 |  1:00 pm *