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Mexican American History Maker with Ana Valdez, Executive President, Latino Donor Collaborative

In a special En Casa con LA Plaza session, the Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation will put the spotlight on a Mexican-American History Maker, Ana Valdez. She is the executive president of The Latino Donor Collaborative, principal at Valdez Productions & Consulting, Inc., and the chair of the Board of Trustees of Southern California Public Radio. She is an American marketing, media and political consultant, a thought leader combining 28 years of experience in politics, the corporate world and media.

At the same live event, two Mexican-American Roles Models – Professor John Morán González and history instructor Trinidad Gonzalez will share their “Pearls Of Wisdom” of Refusing to Forget.

Hosted by Dr. Jose Luis Ruiz. Emceed by Bel Hernandez.



July 28, 2020 |  6:00 pm
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