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Milpa 101 Series: Class #1: Garden Planning | Free

Learn hands on how to adapt the Mesoamerican intercropping system to an urban setting. This series will focus on the traditional milpa system, specifically the three sisters; maiz, beans, and squash. We will share strategies on how to grow them here in the L.A. region, taking into account our local climate microsystems and in reduced urban environments/small growing spaces.  The intention/goal is to preserve the legacy of the milpa system through praxis while diaspora. In this class we will cover the following topics: Seed Varieties; Sourcing Seeds; Timing/Planting by Moon Phases; Identifying Best Sun Exposure; Planting Styles; Irrigation; and Amending Soil.

Special guest, Marlene Aguilar of Irekuarhikua. 

March 16, 2024 |  12:00 pm *