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¡Orale!: Exploring Masculinity in the Queer Homie Latinx Community | Free

Join us for an insightful panel discussion on masculinity in the Queer Homie Latinx community of Los Angeles. This crucial conversation will explore the unique experiences and challenges faced by queer brown folks in relation to masculinity and how it intersects with other aspects of identity. Representation is vital in creating safe spaces for marginalized communities, and this panel aims to provide just that. By bringing together a diverse group of queer Latinx individuals, we hope to shed light on masculinity’s complexities and its impact on our community. By openly discussing these issues, we can break down harmful stereotypes and patriarchal norms perpetuated for far too long. Join us for an evening of education, connection, and empowerment as we celebrate and honor the diversity of our community. Presenter: Xavier Mejia, CEO,

July 25, 2024 |  7:00 pm *