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Platica y Prueba: Mezcal Artesenal with Salvadores Mezcal

Ages 21+ ONLY.

COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Required Upon Entry.

LA Plaza Cocina is excited to showcase our first Mezcal Tasting course!

Salvadores’s Founders will share their family tradition and dive into the artisanal process, the variety of agaves, and its flavor profile that makes this spirit unique.

Attendees will learn about the production of mezcal and utilize a technique on how to drink mezcal for the first time; all mezcals will be experienced in a Oaxacan way.

With each mezcal, attendees will explore the variety of aromas, tasting notes, and types of expressions that come with each spirit.

In addition, attendees will also get a chance to learn what mezcals are best to use for mixed drinks, as well as learning what cocktails are best to use mezcal and how to make the drinks with a modern twist.

Guest Speakers: Owners of Salvadores Mezcal, Sal and Flor Palacios.

November 17, 2022 |  7:00 pm *
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