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Plática y Prueba: Purple Cauliflower Ceviche with Correas Mariscos & Cocina | $30

Correa’s Market has been in business since 2002, bringing fresh quality groceries and quality meats to the Lincoln Heights area. In 2017, they brought in a new addition, fresh mariscos. In 2023, they took over a small little restaurant located in front of the historic L.A. County Hospital, just a stone’s throw away from the old spot. They continue to provide the same warm and welcoming hospitality, with the everyday goal of serving the best L.A.-styled mariscos and tacos. Special guest speaker, Edgar Nava, part owner of Correas Mariscos & Cocina, will tell their family’s culinary journey and share a healthy and vibrant purple cauliflower ceviche. 

May 16, 2024 |  7:00 pm *
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