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Pozole Jalisco con Chile Rojo y Coliflor with Janette Flores, Organic in LA

Janett Flores is a recipe developer, personal chef, caterer, and creator of Organic in LA. Janett has been in the realm of fine dining for over 10 years in some of the most established, respected kitchens in Los Angeles such as AOC, Plant Food & Wine, and Botanica. She grew up inspired by her mother’s authentic Mexican home cooking, as well as a myriad of worldly flavors and diversity in cuisine Los Angeles is known for. Creating plant-based, health-supportive, seasonal-local, vibrant food is her passion.

Sponsors for En Casa con LA Plaza in January 2022 are CVS Health/Aetna, Union Pacific Foundation, and Kaiser Permanente.

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January 31, 2022 |  3:00 pm
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