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Sabor a Marranitos & Magdalenas | $60

Ages 18+ ONLY!
Vaccination Cards Required Upon Entrance

In this class, students will be introduced to the shortbread cookie dough category of Pan Dulces.

Chef Alex Peña will be showcasing two evolutionary and iconic Mexican pastries. Students will first learn how to make Marranitos, also known as Cochinitos de Piloncillo. These are the little pig-shaped sweet pastries made using rich ingredients–a Mexican bread take on the English Gingerbread.

Secondly, students will learn how to make Magdalenas, also known as Guayabas. Magdalenas are a buttery cake-like pastry, decorated with different colorful sprinkles and nuts; these are a Mexican bread take on the French Madelines.

Instructor: Chef Alex Peña, Founder of Baking Evolution. He is currently working on a cookbook that features the history and evolution of Pan Dulce.

May 20, 2023 |  10:00 am *
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