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Sabor a Tamales: Queso y Rajas | $75

Ages 18+ ONLY!
Masking: Optional

Tamal or tamalli in Nahuatl, is a beautiful bundle of corn masa filled with many diverse types of ingredients and vary from size and shape depending on the Mexican state. Tamales are eaten in times of celebration and are a way to pay homage to ancestors.

Today, tamaladas are a holiday tradition where families come together and create food to make memories.

In this hands-on cooking class, students will keep this laborious tradition alive by learning how to prepare masa, make a filling, and learn to fill and fold using corn husks as wrappers. Participants will take home tamales to share with their family members.

Guest Chef Instructor: Sandi Romero, owner of Mama’s Tamales and Tacos Too

November 16, 2023 |  7:00 pm *
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