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Spirals of Time with Mujeres de Maiz

Join us on Zoom and Facebook Live for a plática with Claudia Mercado and Maritza Alvarez of Mujeres de Maiz as they share the group’s own specific blend of mind, body, spirit, and cultural work.

Mujeres de Maiz, which started 24 years ago for Women’s Herstory Month, will share a bit of their holistic ARTivist women’s work and introduce their upcoming virtual season as well as video features from performances and programming since 1997.

The mission of Mujeres de Maiz (women of the corn) is to bring together and empower diverse women and girls through the creation of community spaces that provide holistic wellness through education, programming, exhibition and publishing. As an inter-cultural, intergenerational and interdisciplinary collective they have made that space from the stage to the page, the gallery to the streets, and ceremony and wellness world since 1997.

March 3, 2021 |  7:00 pm
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