Opening Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 12 - 5pm | Closed Monday & Tuesday

Summer of Salsa: Club Mambi | Free

Club Mambí is a musical collective created by Los Angeles-based Cuban trumpet player and percussionist Onier Bacallao and features singer Maga Shukar. The group’s sound stems from a fusion of tropical music, including Son, Cumbia, Bachata with contemporary urban sounds such as Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock and R&B in a unique musical mixture of rhythms and melodies transcending borders, languages and cultures while making everyone dance and have fun. An active member of the Los Angeles Salsa and dance music scene, Club Mambí has performed in several stages in California, including a standout performance at the 2023 San Jose Jazz Festival. 

September 13, 2024 |  6:00 pm *