Opening Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 12 - 5pm | Closed Monday & Tuesday

THE FINAL EXORCISM – A staged reading of a play by playwright Josefina López, Directed by Yel De León

The play is an adaptation of the screenplay The Final Exorcism – A Latino boy, whose exorcism inspired a famous book and film, grows up and attempts to live an anonymous life as a single man, until he is tracked down by a journalist who stalks him determined to know the real details of his exorcism. When he is forced to reveal important details, he accidentally opens the door to his subconscious mind containing his other demons which were not exercised in his original exorcism.  After the reading there will be a Q & A with Josefina López concerning the play and the paranormal subjects covered in the play.

At 9 pm those interested in going across the street with Josefina to the exterior of the `PICO HOUSE, (the historical building built by Pío Pico, last governor of California under Mexican rule), can come find out why it’s considered “haunted” and learn about the results of her paranormal investigation.

October 26, 2023 |  6:30 pm *