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A Great Day in East LA: Celebrando the Eastside Sound | June 28, 2025-June 7, 2026

A Great Day in East L.A.: Celebrando the Eastside Sound is a multi-media exhibition that explores the dynamic musical influences of East L.A. artists who developed an eclectic musical identity and history that, against all odds, developed a rich musical tradition that became known all over the world. The exhibition centers on the portraits and oral histories of musicians taken by award-winning photographer and filmmaker Piero F. Giunti. For over a decade, Giunti, in partnership with musician Mark Guerrero, located, photographed, and recorded the testimonies of iconic multigenerational musicians and genres that defined Eastside sound and extended well beyond the streets of Los Angeles. 

Giunti’s portraits are accompanied by rare objects from multiple collections, such as the La Bamba first film script, musical notation, lyrics, instruments, film, historic memorabilia, and an interactive community listening room. The exhibition examines the political and social context that nurtured and transformed the Eastside at key historic moments, sharing untold stories that further attest to the region’s boundless creativity and wide cultural impact.  

A Great Day in East L.A.: Celebrando the Eastside Sound is co-curated by Piero F. Giunti, photographer and filmmaker and Dr. Jorge N. Leal, Professor of History, UC Riverside and curator of The Rock Archivo L.A., with Curatorial Advisor Mark Guerrero and the LA Plaza Curatorial Department led by Karen Crews Hendon, Director of Exhibitions and Senior Curator. 

The exhibition pays tribute to artists who have been overlooked and acknowledges the challenges and triumphs within the East L.A. music scenes. Highlighting the key presence of East L.A. musicians in the U.S. mainstream, the exhibition shares how the artistry, ingenuity, and resolve of community created a multigenerational musical legacy. Produced within the streets, bedrooms, garages, and backyards of East Los Angeles, the exhibition amplifies the unique sound that not only is part of the Los Angeles soundtrack from the 1950s to the present but has become recognized for expanding the imagination for upcoming generations as they continue to revolutionize the future of the Eastside sound. 

The LA Plaza Curatorial and Exhibition Design team includes Karen Crews Hendon, Director of Exhibitions and Senior Curator, Esperanza Sanchez, Associate Curator, Carolyn Lopez, Exhibition manager and Registrar, and Thomas Rosenquist, Senior Preparator.   



Top Image:

Row 1: Mickey Lespron – El Chicano, Teresa Covarrubias –The Brat, Brenton Wood. 

Row 2: Cesar Castro – Cambalache, Mezklah, Alice Bag – The Bags

Row 3: Ollin, Olmeca, Stars at Night

Bottom Image:

Row 1: Mickey Stevenson, Los Lobos, Los Illegals 

Row 2: Linda Ronstadt, Aztlan Underground, Trini Lopez 

Row 3: Maseo Hernandez, La Santa Cecilia, NK Riot