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Families Invited to Learn About and Celebrate Día de los Muertos, Sunday, October 30

LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes invites families to join its celebration of life and death next Sunday, October 30, from 12 noon to 4 pm. Children, parents and the curious can participate in three hands-on art and culinary workshops, enjoy entertainment, and view a traditional altar dedicated to the deceased. Admission to Family Day is free. Food and drinks will be available for sale. LA Plaza will also host a Flex Vote Center on that day while SERE Collections will be providing free COVID-19, flu and MPX vaccinations and tests.

Sponsored by AARP California and De La Calle, this Family Day dedicated to Día de los Muertos is an opportunity for families to introduce younger generations to this celebration, which originated in pre-Hispanic Mexico. According to this tradition, on November 1st and 2nd, the souls of the deceased return to the world of the living and get nourished by the essence of the food that is offered to them in the altar placed in their honor.

The altars are decorated with cempasuchil flowers, shredded paper, sugar skulls, candles, and can include the traditional pan de muerto (bread of the dead), as well as the dishes that used to be preferred by the deceased.

The altar on display at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes will be titled Almas Monarcas, honoring the lives of people who have passed away trying to cross the southern border into the United States. It will be created in the days before Family Day by K-12 grade students and families. Visitors will be able to view it through November 4.

Students (Grades K-12) that attend Family Day can pick up an activity guide at the welcome table and collect a stamp at each workshop area. If they collect all three stamps, they can redeem them for a special Día de los Muertos giveaway.


Art Workshop: Almas Monarcas – ¡A volar!
Did you know that the monarch butterfly makes an annual journey throughout North American that ends in Mexico during Day of the Dead festivities? Monarch butterflies are believed to represent the souls of loved ones who have passed. Learn about the monarch butterfly and its cultural significance while making a floating butterfly to decorate your altar.

LA Troka Workshop: Cempasúchil Organic Collage – Stop and smell the cempasúchil!
The marigold flower is known for its vibrant color and strong aroma. These characteristics attract and guide the spirits of our ancestors to their altars. Join us as we learn about the origin story of cempasúchil and its present-day importance for Día de los Muertos. Create a collage using dried flowers to dedicate to a loved one. 

Culinary Arts Workshop: Food Memories – How do aromas spark special memories?
Examine special food ingredients in a sensory exploration activity that will inspire you to remember your ancestors and special moments. Explore ingredients such as edible flowers, oregano, cinnamon, cilantro, mint, rude, cloves, and lavender. Take a moment to let these ingredients spark your memory


Xipe Totec. The traditional and professional Aztec dance group offers the ancient traditions of their ancestors through music, dance, regalia, and storytelling, playing centuries-old rituals with the sounds of the conch shell and drums.

Neiya Arts. A contemporary folklorico dance group based out of Carson, CA that preserves and diffuses Mexican culture and traditions.

Grupo Foklorico Princesa Donaji de Oaxaca. An organization in Los Angeles, CA that enhances the beauty of Oaxaca’s traditional dances.

Conjunto Jardin. The only son jarocho group led by women – sisters Libby and Cindy Harding. Their vocal harmonies, riding atop hard-charging jaranas, driving cajón-and-bass rhythm section and sparkling harp-like keyboards, focus a fresh, modern sound.

LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes is a museum and cultural center in downtown Los Angeles dedicated to recognizing the enduring cultural influence of Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and all Latinas/Latinos in Los Angeles. Every year, LA Plaza hosts a series of Family Days on dates that are relevant for Mexican Americans including the Día de los Muertos.