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Keeping Us Connected: #LAPlazaAtHome

As we maintain our physical distance, LA Plaza’s website and social media channels are your cultural connection. We continue in our mission to tell the little-known stories of our community by regularly updating our website and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages. That way, you and your families and friends can watch, listen, learn, and be entertained by our videos, photos, media articles, and messages from our community of artists and artisans.

On Facebook, you can find live-streamed videos of past programs, including mariachi, salsa and bolero concerts, Pláticas, food programs and more. YouTube offers Walk Throughs of our exhibitions as well as media coverage of our many notable activities. Instagram is an image-focused site that showcases our artistic and social communities. Twitter gives you up-to-the minute news and views on arts, culture and community.

Engage with us on your desktop, laptop, pad and smartphone by viewing, commenting, sharing and contributing. Use the hashtags #LAPlazaLA, #LAPlazaComunidad and #LAPlazaAtHome.