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Tenth Anniversary Pobladores Awards Gala Launched

We are thrilled to announce that the Silent Auction in support of our Tenth Anniversary Pobladores Awards Gala has officially launched and is opened for bids! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to support LA Plaza, while making any of these and many other beautiful and fun auction items yours.

Here’s how to participate:

Signup for the Silent Auction at We recommend registering on your smartphone. You’ll be asked to enter a credit card to start bidding.

Click on “Browse Auction Items” and start bidding! Items are being added daily.

Bidders will be automatically notified via text when outbid, or you can “watch” an item, again communicated via text. Winners will be notified via text at the close of the Auction, which is Wednesday, September 29 at 7:30pm.
Or, end the suspense and use the “Buy Now” option. You can take the item out of the bidding with the touch of a button. Please note: The “Buy Now” price is at a greater price than the value.

Also note, you don’t need to attend the Gala to bid, but we’d love to see you there!

Local pickup is available; shipping at the expense of the buyer.

Now, start bidding!

Pictured: Signed guitar by Ozomatli, donated by Moby Arts; “Echo Park 4” signed print by Carlos Almaraz, donated by Modern Multiples; “Zoot Suit” signed print by Ignacio Gomez, donated by Modern Multiples; and “Keep Blooming Friducha” tote bag by The Designing Chica, donated by The Designing Chica.