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En Casa con LA Plaza Sessions 2021

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Upcoming En Casa con LA Plaza Sessions

Haus of Flamboyance with Victoria Valenzuelq and Mel Loera w/special guest Seduca Richman | Friday, April 9


Children’s Literature: Representation Matters with Naibe Reynoso, Con Todo Press | Wednesday, April 7


Chocolate de Agua y Champurrado | En Español con Carina Santiago y Salvador Cueva
Lunes, 5 de Abril

Dan Guerrero Happy Hour with guest Luis Valdez | Friday, April 2 | 7 pm PDT

Continuing César Chávez’s Life Work with Paul Chavez, President, Cesar Chavez Foundation | April 1


Images of César E. Chávez with Oscar Castillo, Photographer | Friday, March 26

Asian in LA: Prosperity and Adversity with Jeff Yang, Author and CNN Opinion Contributor | Wednesday, March 24


Sopes de Chorizo y Gaby Rosé | En Español con Chef Gabriela Melchum, Hacienda Guadalupe | March 22


Dan Guerrero Happy Hour with Guest Perla Batalla | Friday, March 19


Tres Souls: Boleros Relived | Wednesday, March 17 | 7pm PDT


Mexico’s First Female Cookbook Author with Maite Gómez-Rejón, ArtBites | Monday, March 15


What’s So Funny? Comedy During Quarantine | Kim Congdon, Vanessa Gonzalez, and Danny Vega. Moderated by Big Brown Dad | Carlos Aguilar | Friday, March 12


18th & Grand: The Olympic Auditorium Story with Steve DeBro and Gene Aguilera | March 10


Dan Guerrero Happy Hour with guest Oscar Quintero/Kay Sedia  | Friday, March 5 | 7pm PST 


Spirals of Time with Maritza Alvarez and Claudia Mercado of Mujeres de Maiz | Wednesday, March 4

Cauliflower Mango Ceviche and Vegan Michelada with Maribel Gomez, Vegan Xicana |
Monday, March 1


Afro-Peruvian Culture in Los Angeles with Nadia Calmet, Educator and Choreographer | Wednesday, February 24

Aguachile Verde de Camarón (En Español) con Chef Luis Cardenas, La Medina Cocina Abierta | Lunes, 22 de Febrero


Dan Guerrero Happy Hour with Josefina Lopez | Friday, February 19


Redlining: Housing Inequality in L.A. with Lawrence Ross, Author, Lecturer, Writer | Wednesday, February 17


Mexican-American History Makers w/Gilbert R. Vasquez, Luis A. Fernandez and Jose-Luis Ruiz | February 12, 2021


LA’s Salsa Scene with Guido Herrera-Yance, Yambu Productions | Friday, February 12


Art & Culture During COVID w Kathy Gallegos, Avenue 50 Studio & Michael Centeno, Tía Chucha’s | 2/10


Beer Battered Mushroom Tacos with Wendy Centeno, Guayaba Kitchen | Monday, February 8


Dan Guerrero Happy Hour with guest Cheech Marin | Friday, February 5


Southern California’s Native American Peoples with John P. Schmal, Historian, Genealogist, and Lecturer  | Wednesday, February 3


Sopa de Turkey Albondigas with Claire Risoli, Pocha LA | Monday, February 1


Show Your Creativity! Performing Arts | Eastside Arts Initiative COVID19 Grants Recipients | Friday, January 29, 2021


Show Your Creativity! The Visual Arts | Eastside Arts Initiative COVID-19 Grant Recipients | Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Coffee and Cold Brew with Juan and Joel Espinoza, Cafe Cafe Mobile Coffee | Monay, January 25, 2021


Dan Guerrero Happy Hour with Eduardo Diaz, Director of the Smithsonian Latino Center | Friday, January 22, 2021

Political Shift: The Long Road to the Inauguration | Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Music Stories from the Cosmic Barrio with Betto Arcos, Author and Journalist | Friday, January 15, 2021


LA Plaza Tienda: From Bricks & Mortar to Online Store  | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Tacos de Suadero with Jonathan Perez, Macheen | January 11, 2021

Dan Guerrero Happy Hour with guest Charo | January 8, 2021

LA Plaza Cocina: What’s On the Menu with Ximena Martin, LA Plaza Director of Programs & Culinary Arts | 1/4/2021



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