Mujeres de Maiz: Twenty Years of ARTivism & Herstory en L.A.

Mujeres de Maiz, a prolific women’s ARTivist (artist + activist) and wellness collective, combines traditions of feminist, LGBTQ, and civil rights activism with indigenous practices to create sacred spaces within diverse communities. To celebrate their twentieth anniversary, Mujeres de Maiz has transformed LA Plaza’s galleries into a living codex which

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Recuerdos del Futuro: Roaming Magu’s Chicano Dreams

Grounded in the rasquache sensibility of survival and inventiveness, Gilbert ‘Magu’ Luján reimagined physical and cultural environments to create alternate realities. This exhibition traces the community influences that grounded Magu’s artwork as he explored a Chicano future. Developed in collaboration with the Luján family, Recuerdos del futuro showcases more than

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Linda Vallejo: Brown Belongings

LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes announces its forthcoming exhibition, Linda Vallejo: Brown Belongings, a collection of new and recent work from the Los Angeles-based, Chicana artist whose career spans more than forty years. For nearly a decade, Vallejo has explored the vast and varied meanings of the color brown

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