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LA Plaza Eastside Arts Initiative Announces Recipients of COVID-19 Relief Grants

LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes’ (LA Plaza) Eastside Arts Initiative (EAI) announces recipients of two grant funds totaling $75,000 supporting artists, public arts projects, and arts organizations serving Eastern Los Angeles County.

“Through their endurance and creative work, our grantees are keeping the arts alive in Eastern LA County. We are pleased to be helpful to them during these challenging times,” said Lupe Arriola, EAI Chair and LA Plaza board member.  “As COVID-19 continues to impact Los Angeles County, we are inspired and encouraged by the resilience of our local artists and arts organizations.”

A total investment of $75,000 was made for the relief grants to 43 individual artists and three arts organizations and for public artwork grants to two individual artists and one arts organization.

The Public Artwork Fund totaled $25,000 in grants for renovation and new permanent public art projects.  Public Artwork grants were awarded to:

  • The dA Center for the Arts, Magu Tribute Mural, Pomona
  • Tory DiPietro, The Light at the End of the Tunnel – Heart of LA Public Art Installation, Downtown Los Angeles
  • Willie Herrón,La Doliente de Hidalgo Mural Restoration, City Terrace-East Los Angeles

The COVID-19 Relief Grant Fund totaled $50,000 for one-time relief grants of $1,000 to individual artists and $2,500 to arts organizations experiencing hardship due to loss of creative work during the pandemic.  Grantees range from musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, apparel artists, digital artists, visual artists, actors, comedians, photographers and others.

“I’m so humbled and thankful for the COVID-19 relief grant from the LA Plaza-EAI. I’m inspired by the generosity during these crazy times,” said grant recipient Raul Gonzalez. “This makes a big difference, and I sincerely appreciate the support so that I can continue creating art for our community.”

Among the recipients of the “Show Your Creativity” COVID19 Relief Grants are:

Gloria Enedina Alvarez Film Production
Gary Alvarez Literary/Visual Arts/Performing Arts
Hector Arias Muralism
Arianna Basco Host/Creator of Art Collectives
Joe Bravo Visual Arts
Dennis Callaci Author/Musician
Alejandro Chavez Actor/Voice Actor/Writer
Edgard De La Cruz Filmmaking
Corky Dominguez Theatre Arts/Director
Isabella Leticia Duco-Figueroa Sculpturing/Photography
Bridget Fitzgerald Actress/Comedian
Richard Garcia Visual Arts
Daniel Gonzalez Muralist
Raul Gonzalez Visual Artist
Ruth Guerrero Hip-Hop Artist/Singer
Ruben Guevara Music and Theater
Delisie Harrison Comedy, Music, Digital Content Creation, Live Shows Production
Carmen Maria Hernandez Painting and Photography
Marissa Herrera Dance/Theatre Production
Kristen Huizar Life Drawing, Public Art, Digital Art
Wendy Ibarra Visual Arts/Sign Painter
Janet Macias Ceramics and Painting
America Madrigal-Herrera Folk Art Instruction
Abril Magana Photography
Julio Marquez Montero Visual Arts
Maria G. Martinez Writer
Julianne Matlock Illustration, Tattooing, Digital Media, Photography
Jose Medina Solorio Graphic Design
Carlos Olarte 3D Animation
Jonathan Perez Music/Multi-disciplinary
Lilia Ramirez Visual Arts
Karina Ramirez Illustration
Nancy Sanchez Music/Singer/Songwriter
Neyva Sandoval Music
Rey Sepulveda Picture Framing, Screen Printing, Muralism
Tyrrell Shaffner Filmmaker
Weijie Sun Cinematography
Elizabeth Uribe Visual Arts
Andres Vela Visual Arts
Daniela Whipple Clothing Artist

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, January 4, 2021: “Among the communities with the county’s highest coronavirus case rates are South L.A., the eastern San Fernando Valley, Boyle Heights, East L.A., and Southeast L.A. County.”

COVID-19 Relief Applicants were also invited to submit a “Show Your   Creativity” video as an opportunity to showcase how they are keeping their artistic spirit alive during the pandemic.  More than half of the grantees submitted videos; selected entries will be featured on En Casa Con La Plaza, LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes’ virtual programming sessions beginning in January 2021.

Since its establishment in 2015, the EAI has awarded more than $900,000 to artists and arts organization serving Eastern LA County.

For more information about the grantees or to reach them for arts-related services, please contact the EAI at  For more information about future LA Plaza-EAI grant programs, please visit