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Bring LA Plaza to your neighborhood

LA Plaza’s mobile education programs are designed to provide accessible, equitable, and culturally relevant learning opportunities directly to our local communities. We bring the museum to you! 

Mobile programs interweave conversations, demonstrations, read-alongs, and tactile explorations with hands-on workshops that are rooted in history, art, culture, nutrition, and bilingual literacy. Workshops create an open reciprocal learning environment where students, families, and our educators exchange intergenerational narratives and family histories.  

Learn more about LA Plaza’s two mobile programs below! 

LA Troka: Sembrando Cultura y Nutrición

¡Maíz, amaranto, nopal, y calabaza!Corn, amaranth, cactus, and squash! Explore ancestral Mesoamerican ingredients with us!  

LA Troka: SembrandoCultura y Nutrición (LA Truck: Sowing Culture and Nutrition) travels throughout the greater Los Angeles area inspiringstudents and multigenerational families to explore ancestral Mesoamerican ingredients. LA Trokafosters an intergenerational learning environment that explores the interconnections between Mesoamerican ingredients and traditional foods, their historical and cultural significance, and their nutritional benefits. 

LA Troka explores culturally relevant themes, including: food diversity and versatility; cultural and culinary intersections; agricultural efficiency and design; ancient food preparation traditions; and heirloom seeds and foods. Hands-on urban gardening, art, history, science, and tasting explorations empower students to explore healthy food choices while making cultural connections.

Workshop themes vary and are inspired by seasonal foods and gardening. 

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Leyendo con LA Plaza: Bilingual Literacy Program 

 ¡Leer con nosotros! Read with us! 

Leyendo con LA Plaza interweaves history, art, culture, and bilingual literacy into engaging hands-on educational experiences for families of our local communities. Leyendo con LA Plaza encourages families to engage together in the world of reading, inspiring families to dive deeper into their culture, heritage, and history.  

In partnership with select libraries, school sites, and community centers, Leyendo con LA Plaza brings hands-on educational workshops directly to multigenerational families. 

Art workshop themes vary and are inspired by seasonal traditions.    

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